JLPT N5 samples

JLPT N5 samples

January 26, 2016 News

Hello, all the students.

Do you have a time to learn Japanese language everyday?


Here’s questions.*past JLPT N5

わたしは まいばん、(   )まえに、シャワーを あびます。
1、ねる  2、ねた  3、ねて  4、ねない

It is easy.
Well, how is this?

↓(Even if you can answer this level question, how is below?)

《level C》~~~~ににほんごをいれて ぶんを つくってください。

○ まいにち~~~~まえに、~~~~ています。

《level B(more difficult)》

○  ~~~~まえに、~~~~なければなりません。

《level A(good if you can answer so far)》

○ ~~~~です(ます)から、~~~~まえに~~~~なければなりません。

Could you do it? Please send a copy of your answer to the facebook.

“N5 level is no problem. But I cannot make a sentence.”…It is not good.
“I got N5. But I cannot make a sentence.”  Students like this must learn elementary level again after coming to Japan.

Well, good luck. ^0^/