Let’s aim at working in Japan!

Let’s aim at working in Japan!


Why did you come to Japan?

Because I want to learn the high skill in Japan in the first place, I hope to make the most of this skill in my future career after I come back to my country.

Because I hope to work in Japan

Actually there are many people who are going to start a career in Japan after they graduate from a university or vocational school. Meanwhile, many Japanese companies recruit new employees from universities or vocational schools, and they may use tests or examinations to choose the best man. However, nowadays, more and more people hope to start their careers in Japan right after they graduate from Japanese language school.

At the same time, it is increasing difficult for Japanese small or medium-sized companies to recruit foreign employees.

Recently, more and more companies have started to recruit graduates from Japanese language schools. That’s why Bunkyo Academy holds the Career Seminar to gather students who hope to working at Japanese companies directly after graduating from Japanese Language schools.

Career Seminar

Qualification for participating

  • 1 You have graduated from at least 2 years to 4 years tertiary education in your country.
  • 2 Your percentages of attendance at Bunkyo Academy of Tokyo should not be less than 90%.
  • 3 You have completed and passed all the exams of the first half of the elementary program designed by Bunkyo Academy of Tokyo.

Content of the Career Seminar

  • 1
    What did you learn at your university? Do you have any working experience? If you do, how can you make the best of that experience? Do you have any part-time experience after you come to Japan? When you look back on your life, try to ponder what skills or valuable experiences have you acquired.
  • 2
    Why do you want to work in Japan? What kind of job do you want to invest effort in? What is your ultimate goal? What kind of person do you wanna become after 10 years. Please try to think about the merit of working in Japan.
  • 3
    Try to think about how to write the best self promotion, including your previous answers in step 1 & 2
  • 4
    Based on your answer in step 3, you can prepare the best answers to possible interview questions in advance
  • 5
    Based on step 4, we provide professional instructors for you to practice face to face in the one-to-one stimulation of interview
  • 6
    We help international students to register career consulting companies, and help them to take interviews.
  • 7
    If you find the Japanese companies and job positions that were introduced suitable, you take the interviews after then.

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