Today’s questions

Today’s questions

January 27, 2016 News

Hello, all the students

Thank you for  your sending of your answers to my questions about Japanese language.

I am very happy because there are many students who like learning.

Well, Today’s questions.


《level C》*source; JLPT N5
(   )は 1~4の なんばん ですか?

わたしは よく りょこう しますが、兄は(   )しません。
1.あまり  2.いつも  3.たくさん  4.ときどき




~~~のなかに にほんごをいれて ぶんをつくってください。

「~~~は あまり~~~が、~~~は いつも~~~~。」


Now, to what level were you able to answer?

please send your answer. I wait it. ^o^/