Studying for summer vacation

Studying for summer vacation

August 4, 2016 News

It is summer vacation.

Let students do lots of things that can be done during summer vacation only!

Let’s play a lot! Let’s go to various places! Let’s go to various festivals and take lots of pictures!

And let’s study everyday, too.

Let Every Vietnamese and Sri Lankan student, write Kanji little by little every day.

Students who say “I can not study because my house is hot”, you can come to school and study.

School is open from 4th to 10th, weekdays from 17th to 19th, AM 10: 00 ~ PM 4: 00.

If you cannot understand your tasks, please come to the lecturers’ room on the fourth floor.

We will illustrate you.
If you would like to go to a university or a vocational school next year, please study on this summer vacation a lot.

Students who say “I want to study a lot of JLPT!”, so we have lots of the books in school, it is OK to copy them. Let’s make a lot of drills.

Well, we are waiting for you at school! ^ 0 ^ /